Park Place Dealerships is always looking to purchase used vehicles from drivers in Dallas, Fort Worth, regardless of make, model or condition. More people everyday are saying "Park Place is My Place" when they are looking to trade in their car or simply, upgrade their vehicle. Our goal is to make this a positive, memorable and hassle-free experience for you. Whether you purchase a vehicle or not, you can expect to receive the Park Place Experience that our clients have grown to know and love since we opened in 1987.


Quick, streamlined appraisal powered our new partner Clicklane.


Complimentary ride home after drop-off of vehicle. Get an your trade-value prior to dealership visit.


Bring your vehicle to a manager that lives and breathes the brand. Make sure your car is cared for during it's turn-in process.


Taking ownership of your trade-in, anticipating needs and exceeding expectations.


    • Quick, streamlined appraisal and paperwork process.
    • Complimentary ride home after drop off of vehicle. Get an estimate of value before coming to the dealership.
    • We have access to get the original equipment list for all our brands. This helps us value your cars individuality, rather than value it based on its model designation alone. (more options-more value)
    • Have your car appraised by a manager with brand specific experience.

Your Next Step

Selling my Vehicle to Park Place

Selling your car is not as difficult as it may seem. Unlike many dealers, Park Place, wants to give you the most for your car while caring for it as you would. Find out your car's worth in a matter of minutes utilizing our new online appraisal tool. We want to buy your car and we you that we will provide you with the best experience during the sale of your vehicle.

What are the benefits to selling my vehicle to Park Place?

There are several benefits to selling us your vehicle. Once we provide you with your appraisal value, you can explore your options. You are not locked into the sale, but it is value information you can use during your shopping process. We are a one-touch process so you don't have to go through unneeded obstacles to find out your car's worth. Simply value your car online, and start a conversation with a dedicated team member. We won't pressure you to sell us your vehicle. We want you to make the decision that's best for you and your family.

Trade Your Car to Park Place | Clicklane Trade Appraisal

Value your trade-in online today and then stop by Park Place to complete the trade . Once you have an idea of your car's worth, you should schedule an check at Park Place! When you're available to bring your current car to our any of our Dallas Metro Park Place Dealerships, we'll verify its condition and complete the process.

I don't want to trade into a new vehicle, I just want a check what my car is currently worth.

You don't even have to trade-in your vehicle. Once you've appraised through Clicklane, we will honor your wishes and you may proceed with selling us your vehicle. Nonetheless, if you are curious in trading in your car click here to view our inventory.