Careers Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions when looking for new opportunities. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions from candidates looking to become members at Park Place.
Q: Why does Park Place refer to their employees as "Members"?

A: At Park Place each person plays an integral part in the experiences we provide to our clients and to each other, thus we are all Members of a team. Our feel is more personal and "family" than most businesses, truly making us a Park Place Family. We are proud of our corporate culture and that our Members have responded and voted us one of the Top 4 Work Places in the Nation. If you are not comfortable in "typical" corporate environments and find them too impersonal, becoming a Member of the Park Place Family may be right for you.

Q: Where do you find new Members?

A: One of the strongest indicators of a great work place is the number of Members who refer people to their employer for potential employment. Our Member referrals, along with our Client referrals make up our number one avenue to finding our new Members. We also post all of our opportunities on our website and it is not uncommon for people who are visiting our website for any number of other reasons to eventually find their way to our postings and apply. Our opportunities are also typically promoted through various job boards, our @ParkPlaceCareer Twitter account, on the Park Place Dealerships Facebook site and on several college campuses. Finding new team Members is a responsibility we take very seriously and we take special care and pride in finding the right people to join us in our mission of providing an outstanding automotive purchase and ownership experience to our clients.

Q: How do I apply once I find a position?

A: At the bottom of each of our job descriptions you will find an "Apply On-Line" link. Once you click on that link you will be given easy to follow instructions that will walk you through the process of completing a profile and then completing an application.

Q: Do I need an email account?

A: Yes, our application process is all online and we send our communication from our application system to your email address, every time there is a change in the status of your application. If you do not have an email address, you will need to obtain one in order to complete an application for us. There are several free sites where you may obtain one.

Q: Why do I need to complete a "Profile" in order to fill out an application?

A: Your profile makes it easy for you to complete multiple applications, set yourself up for notifications when we post new jobs that match criteria that you determine, and for you to check the status of any applications you have with us. It also allows you to update your personal information so that we always have your most up to date information in our system. Don't worry, we NEVER sell or share your personal information with anyone outside of our organization.

Q: Can I change my Profile?

A: Yes, you absolutely can and we encourage you to do so should any of the information contained in your profile become outdated.

Q: Can I fill out multiple applications?

A: Yes. If you see multiple positions or the same position at multiple locations that you are interested in working at and you wish to be considered for, you will need to complete an application for each location. This is easy to do once your profile is set up because most of the information you will need for each position is linked to your profile and will carry over to each application that you complete. Each Park Place location has its own dedicated HR team and management team who review applications for their dealership only. Not being selected at one particular location does not necessarily preclude you from still being considered at another location provided that you meet all of the qualifications.

Q: I see a listing titled "Future Park Place Opportunity", what is that?

A: "Future Park Place Opportunity" gives you the ability to apply for positions that may not currently be open at a location at which you are interested. Once that position opens up we will review your application for the position.

Q: What will happen after I apply?

A: Typically after we have received your application it will be reviewed by the HR department at the dealership to which you have applied within a few days. You will be notified by email and/or phone call upon the completion of our application review. We usually conduct your first interview over the phone. This initial interview is to help us learn about your customer service orientation as well as your skills and qualifications as they relate to our expectations. If you are asked to move forward into the interview process we will typically send some links to you to take a few online assessments for us. Once we receive your results we will notify you. At this point you may be asked to come in for a face to face interview with a member of our HR team and then you may be asked to meet with some members of management from both the department to which you have applied and management over the dealership. It is very common that you will have several interviews and/or an interview with multiple Members present. We consider this a healthy thing and a way that we can communicate to you a diversity of perspectives and expectations from many of the people who will be critical to your success within our organization. The HR department will meet with the Management team after your interviews to determine whether or not you will receive an offer from us.

Q: I have received a contingent offer, what is that?

A: All offers from Park Place are contingent on you passing our background check process with includes a drug test/physical, a criminal background check, a motor vehicle report, job history verification, and a reference check. The HR team at the location from which you receive your offer will work with you to guide you through our background process.

Q: What is my first day like?

A: Your first three to four days as a Member will be spent in our new Member onboarding class, which we call "Foundations". In Foundations you will learn about our Company's history, the benefits you will enjoy as a Member, our embracement of diversity, our expectations of your interactions with your coworkers and Park Place Clients, and you will also see what your training schedule will be like.

Q: Does Park Place provide Training?

A: Yes, Park Place has a dedicated training department that we call "Organizational Excellence". Your "Foundations" Trainer is a part of that team as are our other Trainers that you will interact with as a Park Place Member. We have several instructor led classes for your development as well as numerous online courses available to you through our Park Place University. Additionally, the manufacturers that we represent have additional training that you may take - all designed to enhance your professional and personal growth.

Q: Does Park Place promote from within?

A: Yes. Whenever possible we promote from within. Developing our Members and preparing them for promotion is an important part of our culture. Part of our development of our Members includes helping them identify their potential and providing them with opportunities to develop and grow professionally.

Q: At what point will I be fully trained?

A: People who will be most successful in our environment will understand that there is a continuous need for the learning process. We and our products are continuously evolving to better serve our clients and each other. While our goal is to have you proficient in your position as quickly as possible, the learning will always continue, as will your growth for as long as you are a Park Place Member.


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