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A Glimpse of the new 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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All New Mercedes S-Class | Available at Park Place Region

The all-new S-Class is generously equipped with guest favorites - the Motorist Assistance Package, Surround View Camera, and Massaging and Ventilated Seats among others, PLUS new technologies including the 12.8" OLED Touchscreen, Seamless Door Handles, Secure Ambient Lighting, Wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto, and more. There are multiple lines of the S-Class sedan including the Luxury Line, AMG Line and Executive Line. With the new, enriched level of standard equipment, specifying and ordering an S-Class is easier than ever. Opt For from one of three Lines and then select standalone options for each. Paint and upholstery are openly usable across all three Lines, to be tailored to your personal tastes.

2021 Mercedes S-Class Safety Features

Want to come in a test drive the new 2021 Mercedes S Class S580? Visit us in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington. The tubular wings prevent obstacles such as child seats, enabling the load to be channeled past them. Ambient air fills the space in between via patented valves and remains enclosed there. This creates an airbag cushion into which the passengers are immersed. This concept takes into account the adjustable front seat backrests, the space conditions in the rear plus the divergent seating positions of adults or children. Forefront air cushions make your rear passenger compartment even safer. One airbag each in the front seat backrests, deploy in the event of a rigid front impact. Forefront deployment and inflation concept - outer tube structures inflated by compressed gas and an airbag in between filled with compressed ambient air. Stabilizes strapped - in outer rear seat passengers that can protect them against a feasible impact with the front seats, loads on head and neck can be reduced significantly. The rear airbags are integrated into the backrests of the front seats and deploy in a rigid front impact. They unfold gently and protect strapped-in outer rear seat passengers against contact with the seats. This reduces the load on the head and neck significantly. For this, gas stored under pressure inflates cylindrical tubes. They form the outer framework.

What Updates are Available in the 2021 Mercedes S-Class S 580

Drivers are afforded a different degree of relief in stuffy traffic during lengthy trips, for example, and in bumper-to-bumper driving or traffic jams as correctly as before curves, roundabouts, T-junctions and the end of traffic jams, etc. The standard Driver Assistance Package features Level 2 automated driving. Common driving assistance systems support the driver according to the situation in terms of speed adjustment, steering, lane changes and the risk of collision. The risk of accidents is reduced - passengers and divergent road users are effectively protected. The fusion of diversified radar, ultrasound and camera sensors, map and navigation data, and live traffic information gives the customer more functionality compared to standard/individual functions. The dashcam films and saves what's happening on the road in front of your vehicle - and also records the time and speed. This can help you document the sequence of events in an accident, for example, and provide you with supporting evidence if essential. Or you can use the dashcam to record landscapes and routes to create your own automotive travel diary. Smartphone Integration connects the mobile phone with the multimedia system wirelessly via Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM. This gives you favorable access to the most crucial applications of your smartphone. You can also use apps from third party service providers such as Spotify suddenly and easily.

Available Mercedes S-Class in the Dallas Area

Another trailblazing effect is the curious 3D image of cars, trucks, buses or motorcycles ahead of your vehicle. When you arrive, your destination is marked prominently with the street name and house number. If desired, the MBUX augmented reality head-up display can also show reports from Secure Distance Aid DISTRONIC. You can swiftly switch between navigation or driving assistance systems with swiping movements on the left touch switch panel. Even on bright, sunny days and on light-coloured road surfaces, you can clearly see the information of the head-up display. To this end a sensor automatically adapts the brightness to the ambient light. Optional 3D Technology Package with Augmented Reality Head-Up display is an optional add on that can be added to any of the S580 lines. The latest projector technology projects a virtual image with relevant information into your field of vision. The display area is exceedingly much larger compared to a former head-up display. Colorful, superimposed content appears at a virtual distance of 32.8 feet ahead of the vehicle. This directly perceptible information blends seamlessly with reality. It provides feasible added rate, greatly in involved situations where you need to make a turn. Keep your eye on the thrilling things in the 3D instrument cluster. The three-dimensional warnings and functions of the driving assistance systems are immediately unmistakable with their curious 3D and shaded effects.

New Technology in the Mercedes S-Class

Evaluation of the pressure exerted and haptic confirmation of touch commands makes extended functionalities conceivable. OLED panels emit light when subjected to an electric existing, and unlike an LCD they do not require external background lighting. Power is only consumed where pixels light up. Among divergent benefits, this ensures a better black level and even stronger contrasts. When showing popular video sequences, OLED technology has an up to 30 percent lower energy consumption than LCD technology. In contrast to LCD technology, an OLED display consists of countless organic layers applied to a plastic substrate. In the S-Class the OLED display is located behind a glass facing, and in combination with the actuators and pressure sensors behind it, it provides a comprehensive control and display experience.

New Technology Specs and Tech Additions to the 2021 Mercedes S-Class

The high-quality speakers achieve extraordinary surround sound. You can specifically optimise this for the front and rear seats to intensify the listening experience. The new ambient lighting incorporates lighting in 64 static colors, any colors can be selected individually, high-quality Black-Panel light strip with a total of approx. 250 integrated and individually actuatable LEDs, various color moods, also with static or multicolor animated color sequences, and emotively lively animations: welcome display or feedback in color when adjusting the air conditioning or interaction with the voice control. The overt Burmester® speaker covers also improve the interior visually. With the artistic ambient lighting you are experiencing a technological leap. It links aesthetics with innovative owner information and extended functions. Wraparound light strips and trim aspects meld to form an another lighting level. This also supports driving assistance systems visually, thus emphasizing the intelligence and safety of your vehicle. KEYLESS-GO puts an end to searches for the vehicle key. As soon as the accessibility system detects your key in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle, the Seamless Door Handles automatically extend. When you drive off or lock the doors, they retract and are elegantly integrated into the side design - a obvious technical and visual advantage for you. Experience greater audio performance with admirable Burmester® sound.

Find your new Mercedes S-Class in Dallas,TX

New torque plate exists for honing for mechanical surface treatment of the cylinder sleeves in the "bolted state" to reduce consumption and friction. The new S580 engine also comes with twin-turbocharging with two exhaust gas turbochargers between the two cylinder banks instead of exterior arrangement for compact engine design, optimum response and low exhaust gas emissions. The new S580 M176 V8 Engine comes with 4-valves-per-cylinder design with two overhead camshafts per cylinder bank; camshaft adjustment on the intake and exhaust sides for relaxed response, optimised load change behaviour and maximum durability. The new engine build also has cylinder shut-off for fuel consumption reduction in partial-load range and a special twin-wire-arc-sprayed coating of cylinders for low friction and wear as well as maximum durability. Additional new benefits of the V8 engine include a separate low-temperature circuit for the charge air cooler to achieve optimum power output, special functional ancillary component travel to work via two terse low-friction four-groove belt; water pump with chain travel to work, and a two-mass flywheel with centrifugal pendulum isolates the drivetrain from torsional vibration and supports bold smoothness of operation.

What are some new perks of the 2021 Mercedes S-Class S580?

Furthermore, the definite voice reproduction delivered by the telephony ensures you benefit from a perfect workspace. Upgrading the package comes with an amplifier with digital and analogue filters and output of 1750 watts for natural, warm and at the same time capable sound, 30 high-end speakers, all with their own amplifier channel, additional amplifier with an output of 400 watts for subwoofer bass speaker in the boot, 2 broadband speakers in the upper backrest area of each front seat, their position close to the ear also optimizes the quality of telephony and a special sound Personalization function for sound reproduction tuned to assorted music tastes. The latest projector technology projects a virtual image with admissible information into your field of vision. It provides environmental additional value, exceptionally in involved situations where you need to make a turn. When you arrive, your destination is marked prominently with the street name and house number. Keep your eye on the remarkable things in the 3D instrument cluster. The three-dimensional warnings and functions of the driving convenience systems are shortly definite with their engaging 3D and shaded effects. Another trailblazing effect is the fascinating 3D image of cars, trucks, buses or motorcycles ahead of your vehicle. Anther option of surround sound system can be additional to any line. The display area is very much larger compared to a classic Head-Up Display. Colorful, superimposed content appears at a virtual distance of 32.8 feet ahead of the vehicle. This directly perceptible information blends seamlessly with reality. You enjoy music with all of the senses and get a unique 4D experience. This new dimension comes courtesy of speaker-like resonators featuring sound massage. Surround speakers integrated into the seats also help to optimize the surround sound.