At Park Place, your Lexus vehicle is as important to us as it is to you. That's why, when your Lexus vehicle needs auto body repairs in Dallas or nearby Plano, we invite you to bring it to our Park Place Certified Lexus Collision Center. Our technicians are rigorously trained and certified to work on Lexus vehicles just like yours. We only use genuine Lexus parts, paint and accessories when repairing your vehicle, allowing you to have complete confidence knowing that you'll get your vehicle back looking like new again in no time. To help provide you with greater confidence, we're going to address and answer some frequently asked questions surrounding Lexus collision repairs.

Frequently Asked Lexus Collision Center Questions

What Does it Mean to Be a Certified Lexus Collision Center?

Unlike third-party collision centers that work on a variety of different makes and models, we're a Certified Lexus Collision Center. Our technicians are factory-trained experts who complete hours-upon-hours of extensive training and exams to meet the highest Lexus standards. Training doesn't stop after first certification either. Our technicians undergo continuous training to ensure they're prepared to address and fix any body repair issues on your vehicle.

It's our mission to provide you with the same confidence as you would if you dropped your vehicle off with the manufacturer yourself, because when you return, we'll have your vehicle back to day-one condition again.

Beyond our technicians, being a Certified Lexus Collision Center also has to do with our equipment, immaculate conditions and dedication to customer service. We use the latest tools and equipment when working on your vehicle, including computerized imaging, paint mixing and more to ensure that there's no difference between your vehicle when it was new and what it looks like after repairs.

We maintain immaculate cleanliness in our collision center to ensure that everything is sorted and where it needs to be so we can work more efficiently on your vehicle.

In the end, being a Certified Lexus Collision Center means that we're dedicated to serving you with the trustworthy, professional care that your vehicle needs in the friendliest and most convenient manner to help you stay relaxed and confident after damage is done to your vehicle.

Why Use Genuine Lexus Parts?

We only use genuine Lexus parts that are designed, tested and certified for specific use on your vehicle. We take great pride in restoring your vehicle to its factory condition again to the point where the work is unnoticeable. At other collision centers, they may use aftermarket parts or parts from other damaged or totaled Lexus vehicles. This could result in the use of an improper part, one from a different model year or one that's already damaged and reconditioned. We only use parts that are ordered directly from the factory for use on your specific Lexus vehicle, allowing you to rest assured knowing that when you get your vehicle back, it's going to look like-new again.

What Does the Collision Repair Process Look Like?

We start by assessing the damage on your vehicle. From broken panels due to accidents to scratches of paint chipping, we look over the entire vehicle to address all auto body needs. We then disassemble the affected parts and check for hidden damage. We then order parts and use the latest technology to check off all factory requirements. We use factory certified paint to match the exact color of your vehicle, including prime, paint and seal. After reassembling all auto body parts, we detail your vehicle inside and out and get it ready for you to pick up.

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