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Park Place Porsche 6113 Lemmon Ave. Dallas, TX 75209 (214) 525-5400
Park Place Porsche
6113 Lemmon Ave. Dallas, TX 75209
(214) 525-5400

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The back bone of the Porsche brand has always been rooted in the race track. From the decades of victories to the technology developed for the track that is brought into all their street cars Porsche knows that its soul is forged by the rush of racing. With its Principles always in line to create the fastest most cutting edge beautiful machines the company has stayed steadfast in its pursuit of delivering the world’s most respected sports cars.


With a total of 191 trophies in their name Porsche Motorsport brings in the car with it a sense of prestige and valor that no other racing team can carry with their name. Dating back to the early 1950’s where Porsche cars first started championing race tracks in Europe there has always been a gold standard at Porsche whether it be in the street or on the track.  


When Dr. Ferdinand Porsche first started engineering cars and tinkering little did he know what he was creating. To this day Porsche is one of the most respected brands in the world and still creates a product that is the pinnacle of the fusion between sport and luxury.