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Available at Park Place Motorcars - The New Mercedes E Class

The newest editions of Mercedes-Benz E Class vehicles continues the automaker's dominance of the contemporary luxury sedan market. The E300 Sedan and E300 4MATIC Sedan have a proven legacy and do not disappoint with its' most recent models. From exterior views that move the heart and mind, to interiors that provide the ultimate in automobile comfort, the E Class lineup was designed with the passionate driver in mind. 

 Edmunds named the Mercedes-Benz E Class as the most popular car in the mid-range luxury car category in 2016, and it's no surprise as Mercedes has been crafting this exclusive model for the ultimate in driving experience since 1993. Schedule an E Class test drive today at Park Place Motorcars.

Find E Class Leasing and Sales at Park Place Motorcars

Mercedes-Benz E Class vehicles are proudly sold at Park Place Motorcars dealerships throughout greater Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine and Arlington. We serve all of greater Texas with Mercedes-Benz sales, leasing, parts and service; including, Houston, San Antonio, Irving and Austin.

Find new or used E Class models for sale at Park Place.

Looking for a new or used Mercedes-Benz E Class vehicle near you? Park Place has you covered with 4 locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Click here to find our Mercedes-Benz Park Place dealerships.

Mercedes-Benz E Class Features and Craftsmanship

Their quiet and exquisitely crafted interior cabins feature a 12.3-inch infotainment screen equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, for seamless integration of multiple mobile devices. Hard button key menus and touch/swipe displays allow to control interior media features, while drivers can also implement voice command technology to prompt navigation and media requests. 

With a selection of three different suspension setups, drivers can select the finer dynamics of their driving experience. There are two traditional steel-sprung configurations with continuously adaptive electronic dampers to choose from, as well as an upgraded air-suspension choice. The Mercedes-Benz E Class implements the electronic dampers to continuously adapt to changing road conditions.

The E300's turbo engine squeezes more performance from less fuel, atomizing every drop, analyzing and self-optimizing every second. With a powerful and serene 9 speed automatic transmission, the E Class leaves nothing in the performance category to chance. The Dynamic Select dials in the car's performance character, sharpening the shifting, chassis and throttle while in Sport Mode, and ease off in the ECO Mode. The turbocharged 2.0 liter's 241 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque provide plenty of power, while running with an amazing efficiency that is light on fuel intake demands. 

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