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The Sales staff at Park Place is the core ingredient in creating success for our dealership. Those who work on our Sales team interact directly with our clients and often make or break their car-buying experience; thus, the way our sales consultants present themselves is invaluable for our company. Here at Park Place, we highly value developing a positive relationship with our clients. 

 The most successful members of our Sales staff at Park Place share a balance of several traits: professionalism, kindness, genuineness, and helpfulness, among others. We expect our Sales staff to perform at their best each and every day, to ensure that all of our members meet our standard of "Experts in Excellence." Our Sales team is comprised of Sales Managers, Sales Consultants, Sales Assistants, and Sales Administrators, all of whom play a crucial role in preserving our success in the automotive industry. Candidates interested in a Park Place sales career should have a Bachelor's degree or 1-2 years of related experience and training.

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