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Park Place, our Bodywerks members provide our clients with an essential piece of the service experience. Our Bodywerks team is made up of Price Estimators, Paint Techs, Body Techs, Receptionists, Valets, Cashiers, and Insurance/Claim Specialists, all of whom collaborate to produce an outstanding service experience. Our highly skilled staff of technicians works to fulfill any drivers' desires by repairing, enhancing, or perfecting each client's vehicle. Each member of this team is highly experienced and proficient in what they do, and is capable of executing a vast range of modifications in order to deliver an outstanding product to our clients. Operations within the Bodywerks must be performed with utmost integrity and dedication to perfection in order to reflect the Park Place name. For this reason, it's important that all candidates are committed to excellence and delivering a paramount technical production for our clients. 

Those interested in joining the Bodywerks team should be equipped with exceptional mathematic and reasoning skills, an extensive understanding of vehicle design, formal technician training, and a working knowledge of electronics. Our Bodywerks members should also maintain efficient "people skills" and a genuine desire to help and satisfy our clients.

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