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what you can expect at bodywerks
Introduction & Estimates


At Park Place Texas, you will find your experts in excellence. Your experience begins with a proper Texas welcome from our certified customer service representatives. They will provide accurate repair estimates to your insurance company to ensure a smooth transition - with no second-guessing. We listen to your needs to provide you with a precise diagnosis regarding your vehicle's repairs. We pre-order replacement parts while working on timing estimates, shuttle service and rental cars for you.
Repairs & Rebuilds


Our factory-certified technicians begin work on your vehicle based on its repair needs from disassembling and assessing hidden frame collision damage to smoothing and fine-tuning. We move forward with a complete restoration of replacement parts. Park Place BodyWerks undergoes extensive certification that includes annual auto manufacturer audits, OEM-authorized parts and repair equipment and annual manufacturer training updates. You can rest easy knowing your vehicle's warranty remains intact.
Prepping & Painting


After the factory-certified technicians assess your vehicle for all major damage, fixes and adjustments with precision, we start prepping the vehicle. This includes moving to a clean room where technicians buff and prime pre-painted body areas. Then, we apply our top quality paint and clear coat to exactly match factory colors and textures.
Reassembly & Restoration


Your vehicle then goes to our factory-certified body technicians for final body assembly, additional mechanical work, interior adjustments and minuscule restoration details. This ensures everything is restored to the same way your vehicle left the factory. From door handles to emblems, your luxury vehicle receives first class treatment.
Detail & Delivery


Our goal is to deliver your vehicle in "day one" condition. Our service writers fully inspect the vehicle to ensure all parts, measurements and services are completely factory-certified. Then, we hand wash and detail the vehicle with the utmost care. The result is a vehicle delivered with the Park Place showroom shine. Our next step is to contact you and ensure you have transportation to our facility, or if needed, front door delivery of your vehicle.

When will my car be ready?

During your initial consultation, a BodyWerks estimator will provide you with an estimate of when we expect to have the repair completed and the vehicle ready for you. If you've reviewed our repair process, you can see that restoring a vehicle to like-new condition is complicated. So, while it may take some time to complete, what's more important in the end is that your vehicle is as close its original state as possible. 

I've heard it can take weeks, sometimes a month or more to repair body damage to a vehicle. Is this true?

Sometimes, yes. Depending on the availability of the replacement parts, the extent of the damage and the length of your insurance company's estimation process, the time it takes to repair the body damage to most vehicles can be significantly longer than that of a service repair. Make sure to speak with your estimator if you have any questions and, of course, your estimator will keep in touch with you regarding any new developments during the repair process. 

Will my car ever be the same?

Your car will drive the same, feel the same and look the same as it did prior to the body damage. 

I was told a part is on back order and can't be delivered. Isn't there any way you can locate one? 

 If the part you need exists anywhere we will find it. We have the ability to contact any retailer in the country to help locate a part. In some instances, however, a part is either rare, or not currently in production. In this case, an order will be placed with the factory to reinitiate production. Occasionally, but not often, this may take longer than expected. 

What type of warranty do you offer? 

 We provide a lifetime warranty on paint and workmanship for every vehicle we repair. 

Why are supplemental repairs needed after you've already completed the estimate? 

 In order to obtain approval from the insurance company on an estimate, we must leave the vehicle in the exact condition it was in when first brought to us. After approval, our technicians begin to disassemble the vehicle. At this point, it is likely that we will find additional damage to parts not visible during the initial estimate. We must then schedule another estimate review with the insurance company to obtain further approval before proceeding. Depending on the depth of the damage, this process may need to be repeated several times. 

Why do estimate prices vary between repair facilities? 

There are a couple of possible reasons for this: First, not all body shops use factory-certified parts. When repairing a luxury vehicle, it is imperative that no unauthorized manufacturer parts be used in the repair or the manufacturer warranties could be voided. Second, our body shop has been certified to work on your vehicle because of the factory tools, equipment and training we provide our technicians. While this involves additional expense, it is something we would never consider operating without. Make sure to speak with your estimator regarding any questions you may have about the estimation process or your repair quotation. 

Are you able to coordinate all aspects of vehicle repair with my insurance company? 

Yes. However, please understand that we may require your assistance in encouraging your insurance company to work with us in a timely manner-and being responsible for the final payment. As with any business, it is important that we collect the appropriate fees for our services. While we certainly do not require payment up front, payment from you or your insurance company is due upon picking up your repaired vehicle.

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